Organisation Commitee of PFO is responsible for preparation of this rules on the base of agreement with Polish Ski Federation.


SNOW PR Andrzej Lesiewski


13.02-14.02.2015, Białka Tatrzańska, Poland


Detailed rules of the competition are available on


  1. Registration on the official website – (see point f. of these rules).
  2. Payment of 15€ (60 zł) entry fee.
  3. Using a helmet is obligatory for all time of competition participation.
  4. Wearing a starting number/bib (visible for judges) is obligatory for all time of competition participation.
  5. Knowing the competition rules and signing the disclaimer documents in the contest office.
  6. Under-age competitors are obliged to provide organizers with written agreement for entering the competition signed by parent or legal guardian.
  7. It is highly recommended for the competitors to have valid medical and liability insurance.
  8. Event organizers take no responsibility for any of the eventual health harms or property losses that happened as a result of participation in the competition.
  9. Organizers are entitled to exclude a competitor from BIG AIR contest due to insufficient level of  his/hers skills.


  1. Registration finishes on 12.02.2015
  2. Highest amount of competitors is 100. The order of application will be taken into consideration.
  3. Event organizer is entitled to add a non registered competitor to the start list.
  4. Foreign competitors can be added to the start list without registration.


  1. MEN – OPEN category
    1. BIG AIR
    2. RAILS
  2. WOMEN – OPEN category
    1. BIG AIR
    2. RAILS
  3. JUNIOR – born in 1998 and younger
    1. BIG AIR (Men)
  4. Official Polish Freeskiing Championship of PZN (Polish Ski Federation) – only for competitors with valid PZN licence
    1. BIG AIR (Men and Women)


  1. Technical briefing – On the evening before the competition a technical briefing is to be held with presence of organizers, judges, media and competitors’ representatives. Precise timetable of the competition and essential event formula issues will be announced during the briefing.
  2. Snowpark – Competitors are entitled to take part in the official training session to get familiar with obstacles (kickers, rails). Precise schedule of the official training sessions is available in contest agenda on the website. Organizers will also try to open the snowpark for the competitors on the day before qualifying session (Thursday, 12.02.2015).
  3. Judging – contests are judged using 0 – 100 scale.
  4. Disqualification – a competitor can be disqualified for breaking the competition rules or misbehaviour during the event.
  5. Protests – competitors are entitled to question judges’ decisions. Organizer is obliged to consider the protests immediately.


  1. In each category 3 best male and female competitors will be rewarded with prizes consisting of cash and goods.
  2. Special prizes are anticipated.
  3. A whole pool of the prizes is to be announced not later than a two weeks before the competition.


  1. Competitors are obliged to take part in the prize giving ceremony.
  2. Absence during the prize giving ceremony equals with loss of the prize.


  1. Organizer is entitled to make changes in the competition rules in any justified case.
  2. Rules of the competition are published on event website
  3. Organizer does not provide lift tickets or medical insurance for the competitors.