The North Face Polish Freeskiing Open 2014 - Day 1

Pontus Penttila from Finland (big air) and Edvards Lansmanis from Latvia (rails) best in today’s qualifications.

After a week of temperatures below zero and snowfall, warm temperatures returned to Zakopane. Unfortunately so did strong wind. Inspite of difficult conditions nearly 40 riders on the start line of The North Face Polish Freeskiing Open 2014, decided to show 2 jumps, best of which opened the door to the Saturday’s finals.  

As predicted level of this year’s competition was really high. Among the most impressive tricks one could mention 900 screaming seamen and switch bio 1080 mute by Ville Vuoriego, PC Fosse‘s dub 1080 nose mute, dub under 9 tail by Henri Immonen, dub 12 by Pepe Kalensky, dub 1080 mute by Polish rider Bartek Sibiga, and finally sw dub 1080 safety  by Pontus Penttili.

The last mentioned – coming from Finland – took first position in today’s qualifiers. Second was PC Fosse from Norway, and third, also from Finland, Vuori. Among 20 best skiers were also polish riders Bartek Sibiga,  Szczepan Karpiel and Paweł Palichleb. 

Most of the riders who took part in big air competition tried their skills also in rails qualifiers that took place afterwards. Best tricks showed Edvards Lansmanis from Latvia, second was Pontus Penttila, and third Pepe Kalensky from Czech Republic. 

You can find photos from the event on and Full results can be found on 

Day will finish with chillout party in Tworzec Tatrzański.