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The North Face Polish Freeskiing Open 2007 - review

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The fourth edition of Polish Freeskiing Open went off last weekend, 23rd – 25th February, in Zieleniec (Poland). More than 70 international freeski riders competed in two contests – Big Air and Rails. On the podium we saw representatives from different countries, but this year the Big Air gold medal stayed in Poland.

Weather and snow had not dealt kindly with freeskiiers this winter. Poland is not an exception in this area, but it didn't disturb this time. Organizers managed to build a fantastic snowpark especially for this three days event. A peanut butter color 12-meter kicker and white as whipped cream rail park (8m straight box, A-frame 12 m box, 8m kink rail, 8m straight rail and 6,5 m box) looked impressive.

On the first day riders were fighting for a place in finals. In qualifications we could see tricks like switch bio-9 by Marek Doniec and Underflip-9 by Staszek Karpiel in Big Air and switch 2.7 in - 2.7 out 2.7 in switch up - 2.7 out in Rails.

But qualifications are not enough for one day. In the evening all riders presented their jibbing skills during Sony Xplod Rail Contest. The 90 minutes of stylish tricks in jam session formula were unforgettable. The atmosphere of a quiet, foggy night disturbed by light and chillin’ music was awesome. Results are not the most important part of this contest, but anyway some tricks need to be mentioned. The prize for first place went to Josef Kalensky (CZE) for switch-in - 2.7 out on the street rail, in second place was Fabian Kronig (SUI) for switch disaster 2.7 in 2.7 out on the kink rail and in the third was Ondra Benes (CZE) for style in all tricks.

Saturday was a day of finals and semi-finals. Big Air Semi-Final was in head-to-head formula. Twelve competitors squared up. In the final we saw six of them who made incredible tricks: Switch 10, Switch Cork 9 (Doniec), 1080 (Kronig and Taraba), Underflip 9 (Karpiel), Misty 7 (Paździor) and lots of 7 and 9 with grabs and double grabs. Finally, Marek Doniec from Poland won, in the second place was Fabian Kronig (SUI), then Ondra Benes from Czech Republic.

Also the fans who came to watch the Rails final weren’t disappointed. Each of the 20 riders had three jibbing runs. All of them showed what they can do: switch lipslide 2.7 out on the street rail, 2.7 in 4.5 out on the box, switch transfer 2.7 in 2.7 out on the kink rail, switch-up 2.7 out on the up-flat box, as well as 2.7 in 2.7 out on the bridge-box. During the sick after party Jiri Volak from Czech Republic was drinking from the first-place-cup. The second place was taken by Polish rider Michał Rajzer, and the third by Ondra Benes. The best woman was Dominique Gisin, ahead of Weronika Chyc. All riders, fans and organizers had a lot of fun, even if only the winners got some fame and money! See you next year to celebrate the 5th edition of the Polish Freeskiing Open!