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The North Face Polish Freeskiing Open 2006 - review

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Last weekend in Zieleniec (Poland) the third edition of Polish Freeskiing Open took place. Over 60 raiders form Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Great Britain, Finland and Sweden were compete in Big Air and Rails. Absolute winner was Henrik Harlaut, but in snowpark we was impressed by tricks made by Paddy Graham, Slavemonkey, Joonas Kuoksa and of course top of the Polish and Czech raiders.

Organizators prepared for the event a special snowpark in the center of village. There were three kickers - the big one (20m), medium (15m) and small (11m). Raiders who came through qualifications a day before could sessioned the kicker and also rail park. There were two lines of the rails with the 10metre C-BOX at the bottom. In the first line there was RAINBOW (8m) over Trabant (old school automobile form DDR) and 12 meter DOUBLE KINKED BOX, and the second line contained DOWN BOX (8m) and UP RAIL (9m).

Because of the strong wind most of the Big Air competition took place on the smallest kicker. Nonetheless a huge variety of jumps were being throw down including Switch 1080, Switch Cork 9, Misty 720, Switch Backflip and Cork 9. After jam session eliminations 40 raiders were qualified to the semi finals. Final results you can see below.

Hope to see you in Zieleniec next year!